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The Video Games Now Live Show is where you can join in on the current video games news, reviews, and discussions, Video Games NOW Streams all sorts of games to give you an idea on what you’ll be investing in! You can also watch and subscribe on our Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer Channels which give you the option to chat with us while we are live! Also, don’t forget to like our social media channels! Occasionally, We’ll give away some prizes too, Like right now, we are giving away Blessed unleashed Closed Beta codes. Tune into the show as we give them away randomly.


Video Games NOW Live Show Weekly Poll

Let the Video Games NOW community know what you are playing right now! and What you would want to see streamed on our show!

What Game Are you Playing Right NOW
VGN Fails/Plays of the Week

Video Games NOW Live Show    Plays/ Fails of the Week

If you would like to submit Plays or Fails of the week. Then you can click here to submit your files! We will select some clips for every live show. We’ll show glitches, amazing plays, hilarious misplays and Stream Bloopers. We are excited to show case you and your clips on the Video Games NOW Live Show.

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