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should i buy sea of theives

Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later?

Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later? Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later? As with most new games released in this day and age. Sea of Thieves promised us a grand ‘ole adventure on the high seas with bountiful amounts of content. But, What we got at launch was a […]

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new apex Character

Apex Battle Pass Drops Tomorrow! What’s Included?

original article: Apex Battle Pass Season 1 Apex Legends developer Respawn promised that the game’s first battle pass would launch in March, and now we know exactly when. The developer has announced that its Season 1 Battle Pass will hit on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT, […]

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New Legend Octane

Apex Battle Pass and New Legend Octane Confirmed

original article: New Legend Octance Jumps into the fight Respawn surprise-launched Apex Legends, which quickly rocketed to higher player counts than many competitors in the battle royale genre. From the start, though, the studio acknowledged it was planning to produce regular seasons with an optional battle pass, and now that launch is about to arrive. […]

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how to become a QA Tester

How To Become A Game Tester! The Dream Job

Interview with the QA Manager from Kabam Games Will returns from his sick and decaying state and joins Rodney once again. This episode we have Curtis who is the quality assurance manager from Kabam Games. We ask him how to break into the industry and other game-related questions. Has becoming a game tester always been […]

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: 4Chan leak hints at Armored Evolutions

Pokemon Sword & Shield: 4Chan leak hints at Armored Evolutions

Original Article: Pokemon Sword and Shield Leaks According to a leak on 4Chan, Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce a new type of evolution called “Armored Evolution”, which ties Meltan into the legendary lore and evolution mechanics. The leak was shared days before the recent Pokemon Direct and has correctly predicted both title names and regional setting. The full leak […]

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Battle Souls

Dark Souls Creator Considers A Battle Royale Game, We Imagine It’ll be Hard AF

Original Article: Dark Souls Battle Royale, Could you imagine? The popularity of titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite may soon spread to the realms of Drangleic and Lordran, as the creator of the Dark Souls series has expressed a strong interest in making a game in the battle royale genre. FromSoftware is the Japanese video game development studio that is best-known for […]

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Battlefield 5 Firestorm

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Trailer Leaked! Watch it Here

  Battlefield 5’s Firestorm is going to impress us…maybe It has only been 4 months since Battlefield 5 released it’s less than half content-rich game. Through some sources, the trailer for the Battle Royale Mode Firestorm was leaked so you can see a little more than was shown in the previous trailer. Battlefield 5 Firestorm […]

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