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Snowpeak Films Inc

Snowpeak Films Inc

Video Games Now is produced by Snowpeak Films Inc, and started was founded on January 12, 2018. So far, it has a small team of people running behind the scenes. For those new to VGN, We cover current gaming news and deliver it to you with a podcast or stream. 

Video Games NOW Rodney
Producer / Host / Technical Director

Rodney is the Owner of Snowpeak Films Inc, and handles all the technical set up of the live show, podcast, and stream. He also is one of the main hosts for the show. He Lives in Surrey BC and works in the film and television industry in the locations department.

Rodney’s Favourite Game Franchise is Zelda followed closely by Pokemon and Halo.  you can find his personal Twitch here

Video Games NOW Will
Producer / Host / Creative Director

Will is the Video Game news master, he is on top of all the news, announcements, releases and trailers. He helps co-ordinate interviews with devs, and community managers. Will has a good hand in structuring the live show and podcasts. It also helps that he has play what seems like every game ever made. He lives in Abbosford BC and works in the film and television industry with Rodney

Will’s favourite games series is Fallout. 

Video Games NOW Mark
Guest Host

Mark joins the Video Games NOW Live Show and podcast ever so often. He loves playing sports games, and FPS related games.

Mark’s favourite game series is Fortnite


Post Production Supervisor

Cole handles all the editing and VFX for the show.  Cole really enjoys playing Sea of Thieves.



Brooks writes articles occasionally for the Video Games NOW website. He has also appeared in a few podcasts.

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