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Rage 2 trailer… RIP Buffalo

Rage 2 trailer… RIP Buffalo

Rage 2, Everything, is, against, ME! 


There are only a few times I watch a game trailer and laugh out loud to the killing of…. well, everything. Rage 2 has dropped many trailers and hints at the game since last year at E3. This new trailer ‘Everything vs Me’ gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that you can only get from assuming the world is out to get you and the best way to deal with it by killing it, all of it. Rage 2 comes out on May 14th and I know there are a few of us here on the VGN team looking to pick it up. Here is Rage 2 in all it’s sadistic glory. 



Join me in a moment of silence for the fallen Buffalo, you will be missed. 


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