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Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later?

Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later?

Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later? As with most new games released in this day and age. Sea of Thieves promised us a grand ‘ole adventure on the high seas with bountiful amounts of content. But, What we got at launch was a lifeless, eventless, world where you the player are responsible for creating the fun for themselves. Sea of Thieves was fun, but there was only so much treasure finding, skeleton destroying, and Merchant running that I could do before feeling like something was missing, Story!

There was no catalyst guiding me through some grand adventure in the game. Rare, however, did say that they have weekly updates and 3 big DLC packs to add to the game at a later date. These updates were The Hungering deep, Forsaken Shores and The Cursed Sails. But waiting 3 months for the first DLC was not going to keep me entertained. That was last April 2018. So Now, a year later, is sea of thieves worth the $69 price tag or the Purchase of the game pass? Let’s find out, all this coming up right NOW


Previously in Sea of Thieves

On March 20th, 2018, Sea of Thieves was released, I played this game for pretty well a month straight. The only things to do at the time were limited to a few things.

Gold Quests,

which has players following either a visual map of where chests are buried on islands around the world or solving riddles with various actions. You would find chests or trinkets that you could cash in to gain gold.

Order of Souls quests

Which were combat based quests which would reward players with skulls for defeating Captains these could be trading in for gold

Merchant Quests

Which would have you running around from island to island finding various animals and items per the contracts you have. These contract items must be delivered to a specific outpost and by a specific time. Commonly the most boring of the 3 since there is a lot of work involved and low reward.

Skull Forts

The last which was the holy grail is Skull forts. A hybrid of Gold quests and Order of Souls. Players would sail towards a skull cloud in the sky and come across a massive fort. You would need to get to the fort while dodging cannon fire and defeat all the rounds of enemies to defeat the Captain and get the skull key. The key unlocks a vault brimming with treasure. It wouldn’t be to hard except while you fight for the skull key you are very commonly fighting off other player pirate crews trying to also take the fort. It is a high-risk high reward scenario.

Any of these things quests would take you multiple hours which is why the game kept me interested for so long. Because it was fun. I liked going around and seeing an opportunity and deciding whether to take it or not.  You could seek out other pirates, steal their treasure and turn their work into your profit. The pirate way!


What’s New in Sea of Thieves!


What changes are in Sea of Thieves a year later? The first big change I noticed was how the game managed inventory items such us bananas, wood, cannonballs etc. You used to just walk up to a barrel and it would tell you whether it had bananas, balls, or wood. There you would button mash to get all the items you can carry. To deposit them into your ship barrels. You would mash a different button until you were empty.

Now, there is a new system where you open up a separate UI screen which shows what you have, and what the barrel has. The advantage to this is now barrels can hold more than one item but the disadvantage is you spend more time opening this UI screen, seeing what’s there then selecting that item and clicking to acquire it. This is very costly in the heat of combat when you are out of bananas and frantically looking for some on the island. Before it was a quick interaction, but now you are more likely to die because you are fiddling around with the UI screen. I much prefer the old method.

New Cannon Balls

So why do you need barrels to hold more things you ask? We’ll now there is more than one type of cannon balls. You can get a variety of effects with special cannonballs. Some are annoying to downright dirty. The effects begin when the cannonball makes contact with the ship and can include; making everyone dance, make everyone drunk, causing everyone to throw up which is super dirty because since they are vomiting, they can’t bail out water since their bucket will fill with vomit. Some special balls affect the ship too. It can lock you out of your supplies, stop you from using the helm or cannons or drop their anchor! It will keep you on your toes in all future battles

Skelly Ships

If you have had a run in with these specialized cannon balls, Then they have probably been fired from the cannon of a skeleton ship. These Galleon sized ships are filled to the crow’s nest with skeletons.  One on all 4 cannons, multiple down below ready to patch holes in the ship. The only saving grace with these guys is they do not bail water. So with persistence, you can sink them. Sinking a lot of them with net you some rewards which I’ll get to later!

Some other new threats in the game is the Megalodon. One bite from this monster can put up to 4 holes in your ship which is detrimental to solo or even dual pirate crews. The Megalodon seemed to always appear when we had at a few decent chests on board and when you are heading to an outpost to cash in your loot. I have not managed to kill the megalodon yet but I am sure it is possible. If you are in the water while the Megalodon is around, he will spawn 4 sharks to make it very difficult to gather loot in the water.

Devils Roar is making an uproar

A new or rather modified area is Devil’s Roar. This is a hyperactive volcanic area. Just visiting an island is full of new dangers not seen on other islands. Geysers shoot up out of the ground which will cause you to suffer fall damage if you are unlucky enough to get launched. This makes even the regular quests more stressful and dangerous. Skeletons are stronger and smarter and the treasure maps for this island have burning edges. If you really unlucky while at one of these islands, you’ll be there while the island is erupting.

Falling volcanic rocks will instantly kill you, or hit your ship and cause it to start filling with scalding hot water that will consistently damage your character as you attempt to patch holes and bail water for the next 3 mins while the island continues to rain down on you. Why the hell would anyone want to go there? Let me tell you about the treasure, skulls and merchant items on these islands. Anything with the name ashen in it means it is worth big bucks! We sold an Ashen Captain’s chest for 3,000 gold! Back in the day, our whole 4-hour journey would net us around 6,000 gold. But just in this 6-hour stream alone we netted around 35,000.

Mummy Jewels

Another big gold producer is these mummy jewels at random islands. These mummies will cause damage if you are near them and require you and your crew to cause consistent damage to break it. The mummy will regenerate if damage stops. There is Blue which is the easiest the green and finally red which you can see the totals are crazy!

What about the DLC?

Ok so what about this DLC content they added? Well besides getting distracted by all the shiny items on the beach and the random other non-sense that sea of thieves does a good job at. We set off in our last stream to experience the DLC in all it’s built up glory. I and fellow Video Games NOW Reviewer Dan were both absolutely shocked to find out that the 5 DLC’s currently in the game are not all available at once. They are on an event rotation so only one is available at a time. Dan and I then tried to find out which event was active but had no help in the game to identify which one to do. Or even on the internet, not a whole lot of help other then what each the DLC packs are.

I noticed the rest of the reddit was choked about this as well. After all that, the one DLC we could do today we couldn’t even sail to fast enough before the DLC event expired. So Sorry I can’t comment on the DLC. But In my defense, if Rare made these events more accessible to everyone then I could have played more. Everyone can’t play Sea of Thieves at the drop of the hat so restricting the DLC content in a game that turned away people in the first place for having a lack of content is just asinine.



Finally, my favourite addition, Commendations. Commendations are the Sea of Thieves achievement system and are awarded after certain requirements are fulfilled. The list of commendations for each faction can be viewed within your reputation page (after opening the page, select which faction to view its list). Each commendation also has five grades, with greater requirements for higher grades.

Some commendations can unlock titles, which can be equipped in the Vanity Chest.  Additionally, there are bilge rat commendations which include visiting new islands, chain blowing up powder keg carrying skeletons etc. it is nice to give a slight motivation to explore the world and play the game.


Additionally, Pirate crews can form alliances with other pirate crews. Your alliance will earn 50% of the gold earned by other crews in the alliance. Ships in an alliance can still hurt each other but a new set of commendations open up specifically for alliances.

Final Thoughts

So, is Sea of Thieves worth it a year later? The overall base game is the same it is the little details that make it much more enjoyable and pulling me back into the game. The biggest piss off is definitely the DLC being on a rotation and just not available whenever the player jumps online. The world is very much more alive. Nothing like having a boatload of treasure and being chased by the Meg, a Skeleton Galleon and 2 player ships in an Alliance all at once. Sea of Thieves has intrigued me enough to continue playing.  Is it worth the 69$ price tag? Not at all, but let’s be honest. The only reason it has that price tag was to push people to purchase game pass which is definitely the way Microsoft will want to move forward in the gaming industry.


Hope you enjoyed this video! Since most new games have a lack of content and basically treat their game as a service. I would love to make more videos like this in a series called “Worth it a year later”. Do you have a game released last year that you would like us to have a second look at to give you enough information to buy or even play it again? Then comment below then subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it! You can also reach out to us on Social Media, links in the description below. Also be sure to check out our podcast available on Spotify, Itunes and where ever you listen to podcasts. Thank you very much for watching, We’ll see you on the next one!


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