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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Revealed; Generation 8 is Here!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Revealed; Generation 8 is Here!

A New Pokemon Adventure on The Nintendo Switch

In Today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed the long-awaited generation 8 Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. There is a lot of interesting footage from the trailer but the new region is beautiful.

New Galar Region

The new region called Galar which features rich countryside, rolling plains and snow-covered mountains. Judging on the type of architecture, and what the main characters are wearing, The new region looks to be based on somewhere in Europe. There are big brick style buildings and scenic waterfront mansions, Lots to explore in this new Galar Region.

New Starter Pokemon

With the New Galar Region, comes, of course, new Pokemon. We were shown a lot of pokemon we have already seen in previous regions in the trailer. However, we have been shown the regions new starters Pokemon

Monkey Pokemon Grookey which will be the Grass-type

Grass Starter

Rabbit Pokemon Scorbunny which will be fire-type

The New Fire Type Starter

Water Lizard Pokemon Sobble which is the water-type

Sobble the Water Type

What Pokemon Sword and Shield has currently

The mechanics seem to stick with the other main series games. Despite the widely accepted capture system in Pokemon Let’s Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield are using the classic system where you need to weaken then catch wild Pokemon. Wild Pokemon also do not seem to roam the wild as in Let’s Go. Pokemon Gyms makes a return as well instead of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Trials.

Main Characters

The Main Protagonist’s in Pokemon games always catch some initial flak, but these ones aren’t too bad. 

Boy Protaganist
Main Female Protaganist

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to release in Late 2019 on the Nintendo Switch

Ishihara also teased that more Pokemon Related games are to come in 2019. Could that be Pokemon Let’s Go Johto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our social media pages.

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