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Video Games NOW is looking for Video Games Players to Join the team!

Video Games NOW is looking to expand its team. 


Rodney and Will are looking for some gamers to join the team. Here is what we are looking for:


Game Reviewers

We need players! Between Rodney and Will, It has been tough to fully review new games coming out considering that most take at least 30 hours to finish. We would want you to play new games, and then review them with us on either the Video Games NOW Podcast or on our YouTube Channel. We’ll buy you a capture card to get started.

Aim: To Play games and review them

Job Duties Include: 

Keeping track of game mechanics, experiences and progression while playing

Reviewing the game on the Video Games NOW Podcast or on Youtube.

Keeping in touch in the VGN Discord about where you are at with a game or review


Is capable of playing games for at least 10 hours a week.

Has a Skype account

has access to discord

Able to provide an in-depth review on titles played


Nintendo Switch

Video Editors/YouTube Manager

Edit videos for your portfolio

Aim: Edit Videos for YouTube

Job Duties: 

source footage for videos

Use your editing program of choice to cut together footage, audio, graphics and music.

Export for Youtube

Upload to YouTube with SEO Optimization


Must be competent with editing software and editing techniques.

Can take direction on videos

Has knowledge, or would like to be taught YouTube Marketing (SEO)

Can do basic artwork for Videos (Tubebuddy etc are ok)

Has Access to Discord to update on progress

A demo video of a previously edited project


Website Editor

Aim: Update Website with new videos, Podcasts, and News Articles

Job Duties:

Create New Posts with content that is completed.

Update Pages as necessary

Optimize the User Experience

Manage Contests

Site Matenience


Competent on WordPress

SEO Knowledge

Able to update the site 3 times a week

Basic Coding knowledge (like super basic, if you know where to paste the code you are good to go)



Aim: Write Articles for the Site on Current events

Job Duties:

Write articles for the VGN Website on News and stories

Maximize reach by sharing on social media

Write scripts for non-review Youtube Videos


Proficient with English Writing with a diverse vocabulary.

able to generate an article with little turnaround and notice (For surprise news like Nintendo Directs to Maximize Web Traffic)

Be able to both; write articles with stories predetermined by Producers and stories you yourself feel relevant.


All new Hires will get a VGN hat for Free (or shirt if you’re not a hat person) and will join a great community of gamers looking to bring back the community that once was couch co-op

Interested Applicants can email us @ with a cover letter or Resume


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