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What Battlefield 5 has Done Wrong! Video Games NOW Review

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Video Games NOW Battlefield 5 Review

Welcome to another Video Games NOW Review Video. Battlefield 5 has been an anticipated title since it was announced this year at E3. I did get my hands on the beta in September but finally, the release date came around and well I have some strong opinions of the game. I would like to say that Battlefield 5’s Campaign is OK, it isn’t as emotionally impactful as Battlefield 1, nor as thrilling. But my main dislike for the game was multiplayer. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on Tides of War, or Firestorm since they are not available yet.

I will start with the positive aspects of this game. Battlefield 5 makes another great period piece game, this time based off world war 2. The history is accurate, and the environment feels real. The gameplay is very relistic, including bullet drop, realistic bullet hits and damage, and the annoying but realistic way your soldier moves and handles their weapons.

Battlefield 5’s Scout Class is Plentiful

I do appreciate that Battlefield gives you the option to be which every class that suits your fancy. However, there are way too many snipers at one time. Obviously, there can only be so many tanks and so many planes because it would not make it fun for the 8 people not in tanks getting annihilated. I could say the same thing for the scout class. At least half of the 32 people on a team seem to be snipers, which makes the game for the remaining 16 people completely frustrated and afraid to play the game the way they want. So if you want to play the entire game prone only to get sniped anyway and have a rage session then maybe you should play as a scout too. Except, When you play as a scout and you poke your head up and use your scope to find your next potential victim. The glare off your scope is so damn bright and so obvious that you can throw camouflage out the window and proceed to get instantly sniped by some else who has already set up their camp. I also find when I play as a scout that my team always loses since 60% of my team are scouts and no one is attempting to capture or destroy the objective. Scouts spend the entire game prone in cover trying to out-snipe other scouts, while also shooting the random guys that pop out trying to actually play the objective of the game. Why can’t we limit the number of scouts like we do tanks and planes? like only 8 per team? that still puts 16 snipers on the field but 48 other people actually playing the game. Hey maybe more people will pick the medic class, because there only ever seems to be 1 or 2 on a whole team.

Maps are stacked and matchmaking is not up to snuff

On top of the classes comes the other big factor in Battlefield 5, Matchmaking. Games like Halo, and Call of Duty seem to have figured out how to effectively match make a game with 2 balanced teams. While playing either of those games, I find that there may be 1 or 2 really good players but the rest range from mediocre to average. Battlefield on the other hand, I don’t know what the hell they are doing wrong but it is not working. I’ve played so many one side matches of grand operations I don’t remember what it was like to play a balanced match. Generally, the attacking team has been stacked with all good players and they steamroll their way into each base and decimate the defending team in 10 minutes or less. I’ve been on both the stacked team and the annihilated team and both weren’t enjoyable. To add to the fun, the maps are designed in favour of one team. Either the defending team having all high ground, or the attacking team having superior sniping spots and cover.

Prone to survive…

It is instinctive, just like building a wall and stairs in Fortnite. When you get shot at, you instantly prone. It reduces damage from bullets, grenades and puts you behind cover.. sometimes. Unfortunately, in Battlefield 5, prone mode is broken. I have died so many times due to prone glitches. One example is I dove into prone mode and then the game has forced me to stand straight up because apparently, I don’t fit in the space. Next thing you know, I’m dead. Another example, I prone and the game slowly pushes me out of cover and exposes my whole body and I get sniped. Or how about this one, I’m getting revived by a medic and then next thing you know I am thrown sliding prone across the path and I get shot. Aside from the Proning issue. This next bit is my biggest pet peeve in all of video games. Getting caught on every rock, ledge, branch, tree, log, vehicle and rubble that the game has in its code. Any normal human would step over such an obstacle so why does it hinder my movement like it is a brick wall? In Battlefield, you are often off the beaten path trying to flank your enemies but you get caught on all the little things in between and then get stuck. It is super annoying.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5’s Respawn system spawns anger.

Respawning in this game is hot garbage. Either you spawn so far away that you take 2 mins to get back into the fight in which, you then get killed because everyone can somehow see you before you come over the crest of the hill. Alternatively, you spawn on your squad and risk dying immediately. Sometimes the game will not let you spawn in for whatever reason you are watching your squad mate literally sit behind cover and it won’t let you spawn. Also, you seem to get respawn penalties for no reason. I got stabbed and I had a 15 second respawn countdown. There is a lot of waiting between your lives which is short-lived. There is also the issue with how the squads are formed. Instead of filling squads one at a time as people come in, They plop you into one of the 16 squads available so that means sometimes you are left with no squad at all! This makes the game extremely annoying as you jump from the plane and get killed before you’ve even hit the ground and now have to wait another 30 seconds in the plane to jump again! on top of this, say 14 squads are full, and the last 2 have a party of 2 each that have closed the squad so no one else can join. We’ll thanks dink now I don’t have a squad.

Bugs and Glitches

Bugs and glitches can be game breaking. One of the biggest glitches that I have coming across in Battlefield 5 was the no weapon glitch. Upon reading on the internet it seems that this was a problem in previous Battlefield games as well. Once I was in a game I wanted to switch classes. But once I spawned in, I didn’t have any weapons, not even my knife. I only had my toolkit for reinforcing cover. Well what is the point in playing as a soldier if you don’t have any weapons. The only fix I found was if you revert back to your old class. This was so common it is embarrassing that it made it to the final game considering it was a past issue.

Final Thoughts

All of these issue combined, it makes it really hard to continue playing Battlefield 5. I would rate this game a 5.5 out 10. It gets points for visuals, the fact that the battlefield is 100% destructible, and that the level of detail in the world war 2 environment, realism, and history. But it is losing points for some game-play aspects, mainly the scout class and re-spawning. Also the bugs. glitches and lack of content on release.

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